Why Alanya?

Alanya is a popular tourist city located on the south coast of Turkey. People can find many reasons to visit Alanya. The main ones can be:

Beaches: The beautiful beaches of Alanya are ideal for sea and sun lovers.
Historical places: Alanya is famous for its historical castles, museums and ancient cities. One of the most well-known places is Alanya Castle.
Entertainment: Alanya is also famous for its nightlife, restaurants and bars.
Nature: Alanya attracts tourists with its mountains, rivers and beautiful landscapes.
Activities: There are many activities for tourists in Alanya. These include water sports, paragliding, jeep safari, boat tours and many more activities.
The newly opened Gazipasa International Airport is only 30 minutes by car from Alanya center, there are direct flights to Antalya airport all year round.
Alanya hosted millions of tourists in 2022.

All these reasons make Alanya a popular destination to visit.


Real estate investment in Alanya can be a profitable investment with good return potential. However, whether this investment is profitable or not depends on the timing of the investment, the market conditions in the region, the location of the investment property and other factors.

Alanya is a very popular region in terms of tourism and is an attractive region for real estate investments due to the intense interest of tourists. In addition, real estate prices in Alanya can often be more affordable than in other touristic areas.

However, it is important to consider a number of factors before investing. These factors include real estate market trends, tourism sector and regional economic conditions in Alanya. In addition, the characteristics and location of the real estate to be invested are also important.

Oba is a district close to the center of Alanya and is very popular for real estate investment. Oba usually has affordable apartments, villas and resorts. In addition, Oba’s beaches and green areas attract the attention of tourists.

Factors to be considered before buying real estate in Oba include location, properties of the property, prices and market situation of other similar properties. It is also recommended to work with a trusted real estate agent for trading.

Since Oba is a touristic area, investors usually rent their properties to tourists and earn high returns. However, before this investment decision, it is important to research the market conditions and determine the right pricing strategy.

In conclusion, Oba can be a good option for those who want to invest in real estate in Alanya. However, before making an investment decision, it is important to carefully research the market conditions, properties and prices of the property and work with a professional real estate agent.

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